Things I'm loving: October 2014


First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog posts over the past week. When I decided on Monday to write a post every day, I wasn't expecting nearly six hundred different people to read them. So thank you!

Today, as I'm preparing for the absolute madness that is Hockley Hustle, I don't really have anything on my mind that I feel passionate about right now (well, besides how much I hate people that don't pick up their phones, PICK 'EM UP!)

So, as I sit in Caffe Nero, trying to give myself a break from all the things I'm doing today, I thought I'd just write about a few of the things I've really been enjoying recently. Here we go...


My music taste over the past few weeks has been crazy varied, After seeing John Legend last week, I've been listening a lot to his latest album Love Is The Future, which is one of THE best love/soul albums I've heard in a long time, and I highly suggest checking out You And I (vid below)

Tinashe is another artist that I've been loving recently, she does chilled out rnb in the same vein as The Weeknd and Jhene Aiko. She just released her debut album Aquarius and it's bloody amazing. Slick production and sexy vocals. Her hit 2 On is one of my favourite tunes of the year, check it out!

My favourite pop album of the month has to be Betty Who's Take Me When You Go. She's the lady behind Somebody Loves You which you've probably heard blasting on the radio, and she's currently supporting Katy Perry over in the US. Pure, uplifting, guilt free pop with some great choruses.


I've been reading Thinking Fast And Slow by Daniel Kahneman recently. I never read fiction as I've always found it boring. I prefer to soak up knowledge than lose myself in a story. The book focusses on how and why we jump to assumptions, and how we make choices as people. It's realy interesting, even from the first few pages which gives you two problems -  I now use this as a great conversation starter. I'm only about seven chapters in, but I'm reading it every day I'm that hooked. 


I've really gotten back into my photography lately. I got an SLR over Christmas period last year, but never really got the time to use it. Over the past few weeks, I've been taking it everywhere with me and shooting quite often. I also bought the VSCO filters for Lightroom which make the shots look amazing too. I'll be making a gallery on here shortly to share some of my favourite shots with you. 

Final thought: Am I the only person that really loves Autumn in this country? Everyone I've spoken to over this past few weeks has been moaning like crazy, but I love nothing more than throwing a jumper and scarf on, enjoying a nice latte, and the excitement in the build up to Christmas.

Just me? Okay. 

Much love.
Sam x