Shout it out...


So I've been in Landahhn today. I was a part of the final episode of 4Music's show "Shout Outs", which was basically a pop culture show with a load of us mouthy lot gave our opinions. I got to be on TV, and have a rant. Basically my perfect day.

Surprisingly to say this was a music show, recorded at the Channel 4 Studios in the middle of London, there were loads of Notts heads in the audience, so it was good to catch up with lots of old friends and make some pretty cool new ones. They also had two girls from Hollyoaks as the guests, one of which (Jorgie Porter) was basically my dream celeb crush back when I was 16. So, you know, can tick the "be in the same room as her" box off 16 year old Sam's bucket list.


Annnnd, I GOT THE MAC. WOO. Yeah, on Wednesday I was lucky enough to finally get my Macbook Pro and I bloody love it. It feels so odd to be on a computer that actually does things with speed and with an intuitive operating system. It runs like a dream, and I already feel like 10x more productive. So yes, Sam is very happy at the minute.

I'm off to the magical place that is IKEA to get a new desk tomorrow. I love IKEA. It's like design porn for me. I'm so excited. I have no doubt I'll do some hipster Instagram post of my new desk setup (keep an eye out yo!). 

Anyways, I need to sleep now. So that's what I'm gonna do. Nanight.

Much love,
Sam x

P.S - If you're thinking about getting the Vampire Frappucino from Starbucks. Don't. It's gross.