A few things that I've been enjoying - 10 April 2013

Sorry that it's been so long since my last post. I've just been really busy.

I just got back off an absolutely amazing holiday with my girlfriend and her family, which I shall do a blog post about shortly, but right now I feel like just writing down a few things that have been keeping me going these past few weeks.

Reading Material

Recently I purchased "Stuff Every Man Should Know" by Brett Cohen. An interesting little book that does exactly what it says on the tin. It's almost an encyclopedia of things that every man should supposedly know. Okay, not everything. But, it's been a very entertaining and informative read. The fact that I now know things such as "how to start a campfire properly" and "how to change a flat tire" does give me slightly more confidence in my masculinity. Only slightly.

I've been listening to...

Well, I've been listening to rather a lot recently, I finally got my high quality earphones back (Okay, yes they're Beats. I don't like admitting to that, so we'll just call them "high quality earphones" okay?) so, I've been catching up with all the albums that came out whilst I was deprived of earphones.

I've been listening to a lot of OneRepublic's new album "Native". I was never really a fan of the band with their past albums, but, I heard their new single "If I Lose Myself" and I was intrigued. So, I bought the album and wasn't disappointed Ryan Tedder's vocals & songwriting is stellar as usual, and it's nice to hear them trying out a different sound. A few of the tracks already mean a lot to me, so I highly suggest picking it up. There are points on the album that sound like a slightly more upbeat Mumford & Sons, whilst there are other songs that wouldn't sound out of place on a Swedish House Mafia album. "Something I Need" is a contender for "Track Of The Year" for me, and I will be very disappointed if it isn't released as a single.!

The other album that I've been listening to a lot this month, mainly due to Sarah, is Maroon 5's "Songs About Jane". Call me late to the party, I know everyone else loved this album 10 years ago. But I picked up the 10th Anniversary Edition and gave it a thorough listen, and realized I never gave it enough credit as a whole album. I'd even go as far to say that the singles off the album are actually some of the worst tracks on here. Adam Levine's vocals are tight, and you can feel some strong emotion in the tracks, And there's some proper funky guitar on this album that I never noticed before. I don't know what else to say. My favorite track is "Sweetest Goodbye" if you care. Considering the album is probably in your local Poundland, I highly suggest picking it up!

And I've Watched...

Well, nothing particularly stands out here. I haven't really had the time for TV or movies truth be told. My Netflix account is the only form of TV I really use.

The only show I've been watching religiously is "Hustle", the British drama about Conmen (Also known as "Grifters"). The show is incredibly well filmed and has an incredible cast, and I seriously suggest checking it out! It's one of the only shows I actually want to watch without a digital device in my hands!

Anything Else?

Erm, my passion for design has really come alive lately. I've been spending lots of time just staring at the dribbble homepage recently. I've also noticed that I seem to have grown a fondness for interior design. It just sort of happened, but seeing well placed canvases etc. makes me happy inside.

Beside that, I've just been enjoying life with my girlfriend cliche as it sounds. We've had an amazing holiday, and some amazing times this past few months. She's introduced me to a lot of things I always disregarded, so I want to thank her for that.

Anyways, that's me done. I'm off to embrace myself in this new James Blake album & attempt to get some work done. So, I shall see you guys soon!