Watch These... 25/11/14


I've got plenty of exciting things to share with you. But I can't share them right now. So, here's some videos I've been loving recently...

1. Marianas Trench - Pop 101 (barely feat. Anami Vice) - I saw this a few months ago and loved it, but after showing it to a friend the other day, I realised how ridiculously catchy this song is. It's basically a massive mick  take of pop music, but it does it so well, you can't help but smile at it. 

2. Dave Barnes - Good - This guy has been one of my favourite singer-songwriters for years. I somehow missed this when it was released earlier in the year, but I'm super happy this popped up in my recommendations. It's a sweet, heartwarming song, with a cute video. It made me smile. Hopefully it will make you smile too.

3. Arash feat. T-Pain - Sex, Love and Rock and Roll - I'm not even going to comment on this one. Just watch. I love the internet.

Much love,
Sam x