Nothing's bigger than love...


I was very lucky to have had a great upbringing. I was always surrounded by love, and given everything that I could want, and for that I am very grateful.

I watched a lot of Rom-Coms growing up (which strangely all seemed to have Hugh Grant in), listened to a lot of cheesy music (that one stayed), and was always attracted to love. A lot of people went through their angsty phase during their teenage years, turning their back on the world, growing their hair out and going all moody. Whilst I did grow my hair out (to shoulder length, and no, I'm not giving you the pleasure of a photo) and go down the "emo" route, listening to heavy rock and stuff like that, if anything I became more attracted to love as I grew older.

One of my most loved songs of all time is My Favourite Highway's Bigger Than Love. Whilst these lyrics aren't going to win any songwriting accolades, they still ring true to me as some of the most relatable, inspiring lyrics I've ever heard. Give 'em a read...

Bigger Than Love

We've all got scars as big as ours
A token for the pain we hide inside of us
Everyone's scared that somebody knows
You keep it inside, yeah, that's how it goes
If you've ever heard a beating heart
A rhythm for the songs we're too afraid to sing
Nobody here is perfectly fine
A delicate frame, a fragile design

If there's a hole in your heart
You gotta pull it together
It takes the courage to start
But now is better than never
It takes a push and a shove
Somehow it's never enough
And it's alarming how quick you could forget that

Nothing's bigger than love
Nothing's bigger than love
Nothing's bigger than love
All you need, all you need is love

Some people change and some just won't
You can't take back the words you wish you'd never said
Promises break and lovers will lie
You hold up your hands and let out a sigh
So smile right before you fall
And lay beside this mess and call it consequence
Somebody said that life isn't fair
When somebody else was saying a prayer

No one's taking me out
Nothing's pulling me down
I turn my head to the crowd
This love is big and it's loud

You get the picture.

Love is important. Very important. It's one of the few things we can offer that doesn't cost anything, yet it's also one of the things that as a society we seem to struggle the most with. You don't have to agree with every view that someone has to love them, nor do you have to agree with everything that they have done. The fact that I often get people coming up to me saying "oh you must be fake, no one loves that much" makes me sad about the world we live in.

Outside of my family, I didn't feel loved until I was about 17. But that was fine, my family offered me well enough love to keep me happy. When I was 17, I fell in love for the first time and felt loved back. That was lovely, a new source of love and plenty of new experiences. When that relationship ended, I grew a lot closer to my two best friends, who have shown me ridiculous amounts of love, and been some of the best mates I could ever ask for.

I'm not trying to be Gandhi. I just wish people would appreciate how lucky we are to live our quality of life. Tell the people you love that you love them often. It doesn't take much, but it means a lot. And it makes you feel good, who doesn't want that?

Sam x