See you around fam...


I know it's been a little while since the last post. That's cos I've just finished my year with Leftlion, so things have been a little bit mad. I'll keep it short and sweet - thank you to everyone at LL for what has been the most incredible year.

Here's an innocent looking Sam the week before I started. 

I've grown a lot throughout the year. And I've been a part of lots of incredible things, and it's all thanks to the LL family believing in me and giving me the platform to do so.

This is just "see you later", this isn't goodbye.

I'm sticking around with Nusic for a bit though. So, don't you music lot fret. You've still got to put up with me.

And, because, I can't go more than a week without mentioning pop music on here....

I love Taylor Swift, and bloody 'ell, do I love this video. Satorial style. One of the best pre-choruses I've ever heard. And, Taylor... well... she's just beautiful isn't she?

And, I want the suits.

Much Love.
Sam x

P.S My thoughts on sexualisation in the music industry, and a few other serious articles are coming your way this next week or so. I just want to make sure they get across my thoughts in the correct way. 

Sorry for the absence...


I know I haven't posted in a few days. I'm not mad at myself. I have good reasons. 

For starters, it's been deadline weekend at the Leftlion office. Which means, yes, tomorrow you will have a lovely new magazine in your hands. It's a good issue, and a great cover too, I look forward to you all getting a copy! 

Besides that, I've just been really busy generally. I know that's vague. I've been setting up a load of interviews for Popshade and having some exciting meetings about it too. More on that over the next few weeks. 

I've been lucky enough to cactch up with two of the best mates I could ask for too. These fellas have put up with me throughout this year, and for that I owe them a lot. I love 'em to bits. But, I like Ben that little bit more, cos I can actually beat him at FIFA. Just kidding. Equal love brothers...

Besides that, I clocked that this Wednesday just gone was actually my one year anniversary with Nusic. And what an incredible year it's been. I'll write a proper post detailing the year soon, but, I couldn't have asked for more. This has seriously been the best year of my life for so many reasons, and I am eternally grateful. 

On said anniversary, we had Gino in session, who was one of the nicest blokes I'd ever met, and put on one hell of a performance. I proper love his stuff. You should check it out.

Here's me and Ben looking like the worst fanboys on the planet...

On top of that, I had a really good night out yesterday. We ended up in Crisis, technically for anniversary celebrations, but that kinda fizzled out. One of my favourite Notts musicians, and one of the best blokes I've ever met Tom Wardle was performing, so we had a proper good night singing along to loads of tunes, and we had a good catch up after. Tom is the only person I've ever met who actually shares my music taste, so we have a special pop bond... at least I like to think we do. Here's one of his tunes, which I genuinely think is one of the best pop tunes of the past ten years.

I just finished watching Radio 1's rescoring of Drive. My favourite film of all time. And it was... good. I enjoyed it. The original has the best movie soundtrack I've ever heard, so they had a hard task, but they got the mood nailed. And, any excuse to watch the film again is good by me. 

In about nine hours I'm gonna be lumping loads of Leftlion's round so you lovely lot can get your hands on them. So I'm gonna go to bed now. But, I just thought I'd let you know that I haven't faded into oblivion, or forgot about you all. I'm still here. Fighting the quiffy pop corner. 

Much love,
Sam x

P.S I've been listening to loads of Spandau Ballet recently. Only When You Leave may be one of the best pop tunes ever made. Truth.