Christmas In The Air...


So, that daily posting thing kinda came to a halt. Soz about that. Had a bit of a mental weekend and the state my mind was in, it wasn't a good idea for me to put my thoughts out on the world wide web.

So, if you are a passionate reader of this blog and were upset that your daily bursts of wit, humour and all around awesomeness were temporarily stopped - I'm sorry. I'm back, I promise (totally got Take That's Back For Good stuck in my head now.)

ANYWAYS. Something exciting happened today. I went to get my Sainsbury's meal deal (Sainsbury's shits all over the other supermarkets in this department) and... there it was.


Yup - the holy grail of Autumn/Winter. The sandwich that combines turkey, stuffing and cranberry into one delectable, easy to grab lunch.

Okay, the sandwich is good. But it's not just the taste that's amazing. It's the fact that seeing that made me super excited for Christmas. Anyone who knows me will know it's my favourite time of year. It's the one point I take a few weeks off, chill the fuck out, eat loads of amazing food, smell all the amazing smells, chill with all the amazing people, and lots of other amazing things.

I know some peeps aren't too fond of it, and that's cool. Everyone's allowed their own opinion.

But, you know... if anyone wants to come and buy all the festive candles with me, they're welcome to...

OH. AND - I've been listening to the new Scouting For Girls album loads since it came out on Friday. It's adorable. Sickly sweet pop with cheesy as hell lyrics and far too many catchy melodies. There's also the most perfect Christmas song at the end. I've popped it just above. Try listening to that and telling me you don't feel all festive and shit.

Much love,
Sam x