Why I stopped drinking...


Anyone who knows me reasonably well will know how crazy of a year I've had. It's only within this past twelve months that I actually became a social person and started going out partying, drinking and all those other kind of things. And anyone who knows me will also know that during the few weeks after my breakup at the beginning of this year, I went out pretty much every night.

Now, during the following few months, I started drinking alcohol for the first time. I'd never really enjoyed it or been in a situation where alcohol was involved. Of course, once I started going out and partying etc. alcohol was suddenly all around me.

Now, I was new to the whole thing. And I'm gonna be honest, I started hitting it reasonably hard. I was completely self-aware of what I was doing. But, it felt right, and at the time, I was having fun whilst drinking, I wasn't just doing it to escape the pain of my breakup, which is what a lot of people thought I was doing.

But now, I've stopped drinking. Pretty much all together. I don't see it as a deadly sin. And sometimes after work, I do appreciate a good cider. But that's about it.

Why? Because personally, I didn't find any benefit from drinking. I fucking hate the headaches I get the morning after. And, if there's one thing I really hate, it's not being in control of myself. There has only been one occasion where I got myself so drunk that I woke up and struggled to remember what happened the following morning, and that was one of the worst days of my life. It was horrible.

I'm a hyper, over-enthusiastic person on a normal day. I don't need alcohol to dance like an idiot and feel happy. I'm like that most of the time anyways. Blame my love of pop music and, well, love. 

So, please, when we're out partying, having a meal or whatever, don't give me a lecture about why I should drink. Don't go, "oh it's only one", or ask me why I'm such a boring sod. Cos fact of the matter is, I'm probably more fun sober than you are drunk, well, at least if you're the kind of person that has to ask that question.

And if you're asking. Coffee is my vice. But it's also what keeps me sane. So, you know, you win some, you lose some.

Much love,
Sam x