I'm still recovering from Hockley Hustle. My brain still isn't fully functional. Here's something I've been thinking about...


It's such an important part of the world that we live in, but I find it surprising how few people seem to take it into consideration. 

See, it may be linked with my vanity, and I'm self-aware I've always been a bit of a vain sod, but I hate putting my name to something unless it is designed well, and is aesthetically pleasing.

I absolutely love minimalism. You can probably gather that from this blog. I like lots of white, sans-serif fonts, and palette colours. That may sound boring if you're not interested in design. But that kinda raises my point - I've been really surprised recently by how few people take into consideration good design.

From websites to posters, adverts to photo's, good design can only benefit your product. I personally didn't give a damn about design until I was about fifteen, at which point Apple products came into my life. Shortly following that I learnt all about Dieter Rams and his philosophies, I learnt about serifs and sans serifs. Colour pallets and more. It made me really self-aware of things that looked really good, and, well, it made me aware of those that didn't look so good. 

My style of design isn't for everyone. I have a lot of people tell me to put "more" on my sites, that the text is too small and things like that. Which I understand, it's a fair point, but with my products, most people would agree that they look good, even if it isn't to their taste. And that's my intention.

Mini rant over. If I'm being honest, I didn't really have anything spring to mind to write about today, and I've spent a good few hours changing fonts, it felt only right.

Much love,
Sam x