Photos: Sam A x Lace Market


A few months ago I put out a call for free photo shoots. Building up my portfolio and that init? 

Here's the first. With the bearded legend that is Sam Allison. We took a bit of a trip round the cobbled streets of the Lace Market and found it suited his rugged style quite well. Bearded folk of Instagram, watch your backs. There's a new lad on the scene.

If you fancy yourself as a model (or just a bit of a poser), email me at I'm still doing portfolio shizzle.

Much love,
Sam x

Like Clockwork...


Just before the Christmas period, I popped down to the Independents Xmas market in Trinity Square (Notts) to have a look around some of the ace little stalls.

One of said stalls was for Clockwork Lobster. A lovely little Jewellery company run by Josie McGilvray. All of the items are of Steampunk style. Now, if you're a little like me and have no idea what Steampunk is, here's what Josie herself describes it as...

Steampunk is Victorian fantasy. Imagining the future with steam powered machinery and air ships...

If you wanna learn a bit more about the whole Steampunk thing (it's really awesome, but also, really in-depth!), then check out the Wikipedia page HERE.

Anyways, I popped down, and took a load of photos. Why? Cos her stuff is bloody beautiful. That's why. Have a gander at the photos below, and make sure to check out her website too. I'm sure there's someone out there you need to buy a present for...

Pssst, click on 'em to make 'em bigger!

Come on, let's face it. There's probably somebody's birthday you've forgotten about....


Much love,
Sam x



Chances are if you're reading this, that you'll know I'm a bit of a vain sod. And, you'll also know I'm good mates with a fella known as Jack Walker.

Well, yesterday, me and Jack decided to grab our SLR's and head off out into the woodlands to develop our camera skills. Here's what happened.

Oh, and if you're wondering. I'm wearing all Zara and ASOS. Jack is wearing all Topman. Seriously, all Topman...

AND, BONUS - An out of focus, but, in my opinion hilarious pout. If I ever become a crappy pop musician, this is going to be my EP cover. 

Much love,
Sam x