What I've Been Listening To - Sept 2015


I've been listening to lots of great music recently. And you know what, I thought -  screw it, I have a blog, I'm gonna share some of it with you. I have quite an eclectic music taste, so thought I'd try and make this post represent that. 


Jackie D Williams - This gent started off posting covers on YouTube like many others. Now, most of you will know I hate covers. I'm all about original songs. However, this guys voice man - it is insane! Jackie is the dude on the right. And I've had this song stuck in my head for about a month now, and that is a very long time for me (I tend to have the attention span of a goldfish.)

G-Eazy - This guy came up in my recommended playlist on Spotify, and I gave him a listen. The song Spotify picked out for me was hilarious ( "I Mean It"), but it got me hooked on him, so I checked out the rest of his stuff and I'm bloody glad I did. There isn't really any way to say this without sounding lame, but he does "sensitive rap" quite well. And he's quite good at telling a story too. The above track is my fave so far. Check it. 

Thomas Rhett - I mentioned this guy in my last blog post, along with my new found love of country pop. And you know what, this guy just keeps on putting out quality songs. I'm a soppy sod, and I love proper... well, love songs. This song was written for his wife, who he stars with in the video. It's adorable. It makes me really happy. And, hopefully, it will make you smile too. 

I could go on. But I won't. That's what I've been listening to recently. Boom. 

Much love,
Sam x