"People looking at us like we're losing it, baby we ain't doing nothing wrong..."


A few weeks ago I saw Hunter Hayes at The Institute in Birmingham. For those unfamiliar, he's a country-pop artist from Nashville who makes ridiculously catchy loved-up tunes. He's also been one of my favourite musicians for about the last five years.

When he first announced his UK tour, me and my family were on muiltiple phones/computers - WE HAD TO SECURE TICKETS. After a lot of persistance (big up mum and dad), we had two. I HAD TWO TICKETS TO SEE HUNTER FRICKIN HAYES!!

Yeah. I got pretty excited. I fanboyed the hell out. I was well happy.

A few months pass, and it was the day before, I'd been so busy with work, I'd completely forgotten to book travel/hotel etc. "Shit", was the only thing running through my mind.

Long story short, after a very stressful Friday. I booked a return train ticket.  Enlisted the company of a very lovely lady, and went down to Birmingham to see Hunter.

And it was one of the best nights of my life.

Why? Cos it reminded me of everything that I love about music. The way that one song can mean so much to you. The way one song can bring back so many memories. Music man, it's fucking powerful.

You can laugh at my music taste all you want, I don't want any credibility awards. I love what I listen to. It makes me happy. Sets off chemicals in my brain that I probably cannot pronounce. 

This post was prompted by some people I saw taking the mic out of a mate of mines music taste. I stood up for him. But seriously, never be ashamed of your music taste,. It's so subjective and personal. Listen to what YOU want to listen to.

Rant over.

Much love,

Sam x