Been a little while since I posted on here, so I thought I'd just do a quick post to say hello. 


I'm still alive. In fact I'm better than alive. I'm really good. I've been feeling really positive recently. I've been surrounded by some awesome people, been a part of some really fun projects, and generally just been surrounded by good vibes.

I'm very lucky that I get to say I love my job. In fact, some of you may have notcied that I've been kept on at Nusic, and I've been promoted to Deputy Editor which makes me super happy. Nottingham is my home, and getting to support it's vibrant music scene for another year is an incredible opportunity that I'm proper thankful for. 

From a work perspective (nerd alert!) I've found a new interest in social media management. I get this weird buzz out of logging into Hootsuite and seeing loads of different accounts that I can tweet from. Call me a saddo. At least I'm a social saddo.

I've been to some awesome gigs recently too. Me and Jack went to Birmingham to see Andy Jordan (yeah, that bloke off Made in Chelsea) and he put on a great show. Catchy tunes, and a proper tight band too. I finally saw The Coronas (who I've been a bit obsessed with recently), and they were awesome, even if I did feel like the youngest person there by a few decades.

What else? Well, to be honest I'm getting buzzing for Summer's arrival. I love natural light. I know that may sound like an odd thing to say, but the fact it's light post-6pm makes me real happy inside. The Future Sound of Nottingham and School Tour are just around the corner, and they're some of the best highlights of my year, so I can't wait to get involved with them

Besides all that. Thanks to all the people that make my life so great. I'm real happy, and it's all down to you lot. So, thank you.

Much love,
Sam x

P.S I'm seeing Blue tomorrow. Yes, the boyband. Yes, I am beyond excited. And yes, I will be fanboying like a 14 year old girl. Apologies if you have to witness that.