Ten things I learnt after moving out..


It's been about a year since I moved out of my parents place. Anyone who knew me at that time will know it was a mega shock to pretty much everybody, cos I'd always been the stay at home type, and my parents probably thought I was gonna be there until I was at least 23.

But, it happened. I moved out. We literally said "we're moving out" at the start of Jan 2014, and we moved out on Jan 31st 2014. It happened that quick.

Some of you may be thinking "we?" - Well, I moved in with my girlfriend at the time. We broke up a few months after, cos, you never really know how you get on with someone 'til you live with them.

It was for the best. And of course, that meant I had my own place. Fuck yeah! As you can imagine, my brain was going into overdrive - "BACHELOR PAD BABY!" - yeah, no, that wasn't the case.

Whilst everyone else thought that was the case, for me it was more "holy shit, I have to do so much to look after this place (and myself) and I have no idea how to do any of it."

Basically, I was USELESS. Seriously. I had no idea how to use the washing machine, cook anything (I lived off mini cheddars for a good few months), or keep the place going. 

But, you adapt. You do. When you have to learn something, you just do it, it's as simple as that. I've been here a year now. And I bloody love this place, and living on my own. Even though it may feel like all I do with my life is dust skirting boards and polish mirrors...

Here's ten things I learnt after moving out...

1. If you can't cook, you will either put a shit ton of weight on, or lose a shit ton of weight, there is no inbetween. - When your options for food are either takeout, or packets of crisp, there is no happy medium. My advice: learn how to cook at least a few meals before ya move out.

2. That magic fairy from home who dusts everything and polishes everything doesn't follow you when you move out - Appreciate it while you can. And get ready to be constantly frustrated - "HOW THE HELL DID DUST GET THERE? I DUSTED IT YESTERDAY!"

3. You have to remember to heat the place - Simples.

4. As much as you try and play it cool, you'll always be slightly on edge when someone is round - "Please don't break anything. Please."

5. Computer rage is a lot worse when you're on your own.

6. If you live in the city centre, you suddenly become the owner of a very convenient hotel for all your friends - Did I mention, it's a free hotel?

7. Also, if you live in the city centre, you are NEVER allowed to be late for anything - Cos, "you only live five mins away..."

8. You know how you used to get really excited when you got a letter at home? - Yeah, letters now mean one thing, and one thing only - bills.

9. You will assign a draw as a random shit draw - And that draw will be full of shit. Shit, that you hope will come in handy one day.

10. Everyone thinks you have a bachelor pad - Seriously, I spend more time dusting than a 1940's housewife.

Moving in on my own was one of the best things I ever did. And I'm really happy with where I'm at now. But if you're about to make the leap. Prepare yourself a bit. And be aware, for the first few months, you'll feel like an Eskimo in Barbados.

Much Love,
Sam x