Visual Vanity


Last weekend I was in London. Why? For that exciting new project that I've been banging on about for ages but never actually told you about...

Basically, me and my good friend Josie McGilvray are hosts of a brand new YouTube show - Visual Vanity.

The show is a mix of fashion and lifestyle, so, we'll be covering independent designers, cool bars, that kind of thing.  The first episode is now filmed, and I'm beyond excited to share it with you all.

So, what did we get up to? Well...

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First we got lost on the way there. BUT, then we got given free donuts... by a lettings agent... LONDON YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAST.

Candy Kittens Pop UP Store

We started by dropping by Candy Kittens pop up store in Covent Garden. Now, if you're not familiar with CK, they're basically gourmet candy. As in, these ain't just a regular harribo. Almost healthy, wicked flavours, and in some of the, no screw it, THE BEST packaging I've ever seen for confectionary in my life. 

Their shop was pretty damn awesome. Lots of bright colours, and to say how small of a space it was, they rammed a lot in there without it feeling too tight... don't make the obvious joke.

ANYWAYS, we went in just expecting an interview with the team and ended up getting a sweet tasting session on camera! Yup, very soon you'll get to see my awkward face as I try and think of different ways to say "THIS SWEET IS GOOD." They are very good by the way...

THEN, they were super sweet (geddit?) and gave us a load of sweets to give away to you lovely people when the first episode goes live. Aren't they nice? 

Candy Kittens Pop UP Shop 2
Candy Kittens Pop Up Shop

After this point, we were a bit too busy to keep taking photo's. So I'm afraid I haven't got any more visual content to share with you. What I can tell ya though, is after we went down to the sickest vinyl market stall, spoke to a dude who makes african print boxer shorts that have been featured in GQ, spoke to a lady who makes some stunning bags and jewellery, and a lady who runs a stall all about stationary with stories. If any of that intrigued you, you're just gonna have to wait until the first episode drops to find out more...

When is that?

Sometime in March.

Much love,
Sam x