Trippin' Thursdays...


So, tonight is quite exciting. Why? Cos I'm preparing for tomorrow. What's happening tomorrow? I'm off to London. Why?

Okay, I'll stop this now. Tomorrow I head to London to be a guest on a 4Music show on National telly. Yup, at 4pm tomorrow you'll see my pretty face lighting up your telly box, brightening up your Friday afternoon with thoughts on the latest music vids and other media shizzle. The show is called Shout Outs, and you can check the trailer HERE.

Speaking of shout outs, much love to Jess Taylor who got me involved! 

Most of you will know I'm hoping to move into presenting, so this kinda thing is a perfect training ground, and networking opportunity. I'm buzzing for it. And I just love being in London, it really is a beautiful city.

Now, I need to go and do those really helpful things like work out how to actually get there. Yeah, I should probs do that now.


Much love,
Sam x