Wired Wednesdays...


Thought I'd set myself a fun little challenge of coming up with a relevant pun for each day of this week. Bossing it, I know.

I'm on my fourth cup of coffee if you're wondering the context of today's title.

So, today... well, I'm not entirely sure what to write about. Hadn't really planned this far ahead. Oops. Soooo, I thought I'd talk about one of the loves in my life. Interior design.

Anyone who knows me will know I'm an aesthetically driven person. Looks are everything to me. And considering I've been lucky enough to have a place of my own for nearly two years now, I've also managed to turn five empty box rooms into a nice little space that I'm proud of.

BUT. After one too many hours on Tumblr, I've decided I'm gonna change it up. I'm gonna get wooden floors, some new white furniture (all white everythaaang), and get some rustic shizz thrown in too. On a side note, has anyone ever bought that fake brick wallpaper? Does it look decent? Considering getting it, but don't wanna fork out if it looks like I drew bricks on a wall.

Anyway, here's some of my inspo. If you have any interiors you love the look of, fire them my way. I love looking at 'em! 

Much love,
Sam x