Watch these - 11/01/15


Over the Xmas holidays I had a bit of time to catch up with plenty of music videos that I'd missed out on. If ya know me, you'll know music videos are one of my fav entertainment forms.

So, without further adieu (I bloody love that word), here's three music videos you should totally check out...

1. The Coronas - Just Like That - This one's in here as much for the song as the video. I haven't listened to Indie bands like this in a fair while, but their press release caught my eye, and I'm proper glad I checked 'em out. This song deserves to be on every Indie party playlist, and the video is pretty sweet too.

2. Nick Jonas - Teacher (Lyric Video) - I know what you're thinking, "a lyric video?". Well, yes. This is one of the most creative lyric videos I've seen in a long time, and with the right promotion, damn this song could be the next Blurred Lines. Seriously... "so lemme teach ya".

3. Madeon - You're On (feat. Kyan) - Madeon is one of my favourite producers of all time. The City always gets me going, and this new tune is no different. I thought the video was pretty sick in that it kinda drew me into this new world. And, most people know, I bloody hate fantasy stuff, so that's quite an achievement!

Much Love,
Sam x