Okay, this is a bit belated, but happy new year!

Can you believe 2014 is over already? It's flew by quicker than... okay I have no decent comparison, but you get what I'm trying to say.

2014 has been the best, craziest, most enjoyable and most surreal year of my life. I've been through a lot. I moved out, went through a serious breakup, had the pleasure of doing my dream job day in day out, made lots of new friends, went to lots of gigs, started drinking, stopped drinking, worked on some incredibly exciting projects, lost weight. started writing more, and so many other things that my brain can't comprehend into words right now. 

My life is completely different to a year ago. But I'm glad it changed. As hard as it was becoming independent and not being with my family all the time, it's made me a much stronger person. 

I find it a bit weird to think a year ago I didn't know how to use a washer or a fuse box. But, you know, you learn.

Now we're into 2015. I'm determined to make this my best year yet.

Resolutions? I don't particularly have any strong ones. But there are a few things I'd like to stop/start doing this year.

- Stop talking about myself all the time - I know I do it. Please, if over the course of our conversation I haven't asked about you, slap me.

- Stop worrying - I do this a lot less than I used to. But I am the kind of person that worries about things out of my control a lot. I plan to stop this affecting my life.

- Spend more time with friends - I suck at this big time. Work has always come first. Let's do more fun things. 

- Get more into presenting - I like looking at myself, and I like talking. Presenting is basically the perfect role for me. I wanna get more involved in radio/TV/YT presenting. And also look at how I can develop my presenting technique.

- Learn to cook - Seriously Sam, you can't carry on eating 14 meal deals a week

That's about it. I don't believe you need a new year to make a change. That's why I've been hitting the gym four times a week since early December. But, I've had a bit of time off and it's been nice to reflect on the year. Those are just a few of the things that sprung to mind,

2015, come at me. I'm ready for ya.

Much love,
Sam x