See you around fam...


I know it's been a little while since the last post. That's cos I've just finished my year with Leftlion, so things have been a little bit mad. I'll keep it short and sweet - thank you to everyone at LL for what has been the most incredible year.

Here's an innocent looking Sam the week before I started. 

I've grown a lot throughout the year. And I've been a part of lots of incredible things, and it's all thanks to the LL family believing in me and giving me the platform to do so.

This is just "see you later", this isn't goodbye.

I'm sticking around with Nusic for a bit though. So, don't you music lot fret. You've still got to put up with me.

And, because, I can't go more than a week without mentioning pop music on here....

I love Taylor Swift, and bloody 'ell, do I love this video. Satorial style. One of the best pre-choruses I've ever heard. And, Taylor... well... she's just beautiful isn't she?

And, I want the suits.

Much Love.
Sam x

P.S My thoughts on sexualisation in the music industry, and a few other serious articles are coming your way this next week or so. I just want to make sure they get across my thoughts in the correct way.