Everyday I'm Hustlin'...


Before you get on at me about missing a day, don't. Cos I had planned to do a post when I got back home yesterday, but it wasn't until four in the morning, I sat down to take my shoes off, and then passed out, fully clothed, with my shoes on. 

BUT, it was all oh so worth it. For you non-Nottingham peeps who have no idea what I'm going on about, yesterday was the return of Hockley Hustle, a music festival in Notts with 40 venues taking part, and over 400 acts performing. Absolutely mental.

I was running the Left Lion stage at Broadway Cinema and I'm not gonna lie, the weeks before the event, I was absolutely bricking it. I'd never done anything like it before, and the LL stage is one of the biggest stages so there was a lot to sort out.

I'm so happy though, cos everything went so smoothly. Seriously, between 10AM and 4AM when I actually got to sleep, we only had one slight hitch, which was sorted within about five minutes. We were running on time through pretty much the whole night, and the most we ran behind was by about half an hour which I was well chuffed with.


All the acts who were on the stage were bloody incredible. Seriously, if there's one thing that this festival proved it's how varied the musical talent in Nottingham is, even just our stage had a 40 piece barbershop choir, Blues, Pop, Soul, Opera, Dance, Electro, a 4X World Champion in DMC, and more!

I owe massive thanks to the staff at the Broadway. I couldn't have done it without them. Both the managers who were mega helpful in the running of the event, and the bar staff who made sure everything that needed to be done was sorted!

Also. a huge big up has to go to our soundguy Chris Armstrong who was an absolute legend. He brought everything any artist could have possibly needed, knew exacctly what he was doing, did it quickly and efficiently, and the sound was spot on. How he ended up doing the entire shift, to go home to one hours sleep, and then go straight to his day job I have no idea. 

I had an incredible time. I loved running the stage. I can't wait to do something like this again.

See you next year HH, you beautiful beast!

Much love, 
Sam x