A Month Without An iPhone = Hell

Disclaimer: This is more of a post for the technology fans out there. Or any of the millions of people, like me,  trapped under Apple's curse.

So, a month ago, I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. After 4 years of them, I traded in my iPhone, for the top of the range Sony Xperia Z. This is a post about my month of misery.

I've always been a fan of technology. This wasn't even my first time with an Android phone. I had the Samsung Galaxy S2 when it first came out a few years ago. But, considering that was a disaster for me to, I should have seen this coming. But I remained optimistic and ordered my Xperia Z.

For those unfamiliar, this is Sony's new mega phone. 5 inch screen, waterproof glass. Everything that makes nerds rejoice. But by using this phone, I've learn something. I am stuck under Apple's curse, and there is NO ESCAPE!

Long story short, I just can't get on with Android. Yeah, iOS can be a bit simplistic. But I love that. I've always loved clean minimal design, and that's exactly what Apple gives you. Android on the other hand... well... it's like walking into an OS Pawn Shop. It's a bit all over the place.

My iPhone 5, which I had only owned for a few months, really was a sight to behold. I loved holding it, looking at it, and using it. It just felt right. With the Xperia Z, I can't even get the bloody thing out of my pocket fast enough to answer a call. Admittedly it looks nice on display, but as soon as a finger even comes near it, you may as well have given it to a 5 year old.

And then the apps. Oh iOS apps, how I miss you. Whilst Android has certainly improved in the last few years with it's app game, it still has nothing on iOS. In terms of design and quality, I'd say a quarter of the apps I used on iOS could be found in working form on Android. There's something so enjoyable about finding new apps and trying them on iOS, that feeling is lost on Android.

Then, considering I am locked in Apple's eco-system, there were a few other things I missed. I missed photo stream. I missed having photo's that I took on my phone easily accessible on my iPad. I also missed iMessage, the effort of third party messaging apps, and getting friends and family to use them just so I could send them an image was ridiculous.

Also, widgets seriously aren't all they're cracked up to be. I barely found any that I used besides a Gallery widget. But by the time the gallery app loaded up, I could have done exactly the same quicker on my iPhone!

I've never denied my Apple fandom, but I never knew it was this strong. I've grown so attached to Apple products over the past 5 years or so, that, nothing else even comes close for me.

Anyways, thankfully, due to some arrangements within the family, I will soon be an iPhone 5 owner again, and I can finally enjoy life again. It'll even be black this time, so, you know, I can get all giddy like it's a new phone.

There wasn't much point to this post, other than to make sure people reconsider when they think about leaving Apple products. I got pulled instantly back in, are you strong enough?