Costa Thoughts 1.

So, I'm currently sat in Costa Coffee, whilst I wait for my Girlfriend to watch that new Ryan Gosling movie Gangster Squad.

And I'm having a few thoughts, so I thought I'd write them down here.

First. If you're gonna go into public service, at least make sure you understand the basic fundamentals of not having a 15 minute chat with your buddy, whilst you have a customer waiting & ready to pay. If I wasn't stuck around time-wasting, I would have just walked out.

Second, and you may take this as arrogant or egotistical; but I'm putting it down as my thoughts. Why isn't dressing & presenting yourself well seen as a mandatory concept. I understand we all want our lazy days, and sure, feel free to lounge about in whatever clothes you like in the comfort of your own home. But keep the jogging bottoms to the couch & to the gym.

It does bewilder me. I was stuck on a crowded bus earlier on, and all I could do was analyse everyone surrounding me. Okay, almost all of the subject group were college students, so probably not the best group of people to prove my point, but we'll go with it! They were all wearing either oversized hoodies, what can only be described as dreadful attempts at the phrase "Smart Casual" and a few lads who thought they were in Mötley Crüe or some Hairy Bikers gang.

I'm not saying you have to go all 3 piece suit everyday guys, but a little more effort would be nice. Choosing your outfit for the day, should be one of the hardest decisions of your day. You could be meeting future employees & business partners, perhaps the future love of your life, maybe even a long lost friend. Do you really want to meet these people like this? Cause believe me, people notice these things. And, you can very easily be remembered as that guy who didn't care enough about his appearance.

Well. That's my little rant over, cause I've finished this absolutely massive Hot Chocolate I've been drinking. Time to get my Gosling fix for the day. Cheerio Poppets.