My First (and hopefully not my last) Post

Hey guys, welcome to my new site & blog!

I'm real excited about having this all set up and running. I've wanted my own personal website ever since I could remember, and now thanks to the wonderful startup that is Squarespace, I have an easy to manage & easy to design website.

I'm not too sure what to put in this post. I suppose I should probably inform you all of all the things I'm going to write about and amaze you with. But the fact is, I'll probably end up forgetting & then you'll all be saddened. So. I'll just say, I'll try to keep this as updated as possible. I'm hopefully getting an SLR camera over the coming months, so I'll probably use this as a bit of a photo blog as well.

To anyone reading this, cheers! Drop a note for anything you'd like to see!

Let's see where my life takes me!

All The Best.