Shout it out...


So I've been in Landahhn today. I was a part of the final episode of 4Music's show "Shout Outs", which was basically a pop culture show with a load of us mouthy lot gave our opinions. I got to be on TV, and have a rant. Basically my perfect day.

Surprisingly to say this was a music show, recorded at the Channel 4 Studios in the middle of London, there were loads of Notts heads in the audience, so it was good to catch up with lots of old friends and make some pretty cool new ones. They also had two girls from Hollyoaks as the guests, one of which (Jorgie Porter) was basically my dream celeb crush back when I was 16. So, you know, can tick the "be in the same room as her" box off 16 year old Sam's bucket list.


Annnnd, I GOT THE MAC. WOO. Yeah, on Wednesday I was lucky enough to finally get my Macbook Pro and I bloody love it. It feels so odd to be on a computer that actually does things with speed and with an intuitive operating system. It runs like a dream, and I already feel like 10x more productive. So yes, Sam is very happy at the minute.

I'm off to the magical place that is IKEA to get a new desk tomorrow. I love IKEA. It's like design porn for me. I'm so excited. I have no doubt I'll do some hipster Instagram post of my new desk setup (keep an eye out yo!). 

Anyways, I need to sleep now. So that's what I'm gonna do. Nanight.

Much love,
Sam x

P.S - If you're thinking about getting the Vampire Frappucino from Starbucks. Don't. It's gross.

Ch, ch, ch, checkin it out...


Thought I'd check in. Ya know this whole daily posting thing got a bit out of hand, so I reckon I'm gonna set a more realistic goal. At least one post a week, ideally two. I'll stick to that.

So, here's the first post of the week. Woo *confetti emoji*. 

Life's been super fun and a bit mad this past few weeks. Last night I saw Foxes at Rescue Rooms. And she absolutely smashed it. To say she's only got one album, she's got five or six belters of pop songs. Clarity is still one of the best pop records of the past decade imo. You can check out my review HERE.

Foxes @ Rescue Rooms October 2015

Tomorrow, I will finally own a Macbook. Yes, after about seven years of wanting one, but never quite being able to justify one, I'll be the proud owner of a shiny Macbook Pro. It's an early 21st present, but I cannot wait. The thought of actually being able to run Premiere and Lightroom without waiting ten years to do something - DREAM. 

Oh, and I can sip my Pumpkin Spice Lattes in Starbucks and be a proper poser. :) :) :) 

On Friday I'm back to London to film another episode of 4Music's Shout Outs. Keep an eye on your telleh at 4pm to see my quiff bopping about. It was loads of fun last time, and any excuse to be in London I'm down with. 

So yeah, that's a post. Boom. Bish bash bosh. Off to host a quiz. See ya in a bizzle.

Much love,
Sam x

Christmas In The Air...


So, that daily posting thing kinda came to a halt. Soz about that. Had a bit of a mental weekend and the state my mind was in, it wasn't a good idea for me to put my thoughts out on the world wide web.

So, if you are a passionate reader of this blog and were upset that your daily bursts of wit, humour and all around awesomeness were temporarily stopped - I'm sorry. I'm back, I promise (totally got Take That's Back For Good stuck in my head now.)

ANYWAYS. Something exciting happened today. I went to get my Sainsbury's meal deal (Sainsbury's shits all over the other supermarkets in this department) and... there it was.


Yup - the holy grail of Autumn/Winter. The sandwich that combines turkey, stuffing and cranberry into one delectable, easy to grab lunch.

Okay, the sandwich is good. But it's not just the taste that's amazing. It's the fact that seeing that made me super excited for Christmas. Anyone who knows me will know it's my favourite time of year. It's the one point I take a few weeks off, chill the fuck out, eat loads of amazing food, smell all the amazing smells, chill with all the amazing people, and lots of other amazing things.

I know some peeps aren't too fond of it, and that's cool. Everyone's allowed their own opinion.

But, you know... if anyone wants to come and buy all the festive candles with me, they're welcome to...

OH. AND - I've been listening to the new Scouting For Girls album loads since it came out on Friday. It's adorable. Sickly sweet pop with cheesy as hell lyrics and far too many catchy melodies. There's also the most perfect Christmas song at the end. I've popped it just above. Try listening to that and telling me you don't feel all festive and shit.

Much love,
Sam x